Spare Module

Hot runner controller module


The advanced modules which include current monitoring as standard have the
following features:

  • Dehumidying Soft Start
  • Triple-line LED display
  • Auto / Manual Output Function
  • PID Auto Tune Temperature Control
  • Max Current Output 15A
  • Current Measurement Display
  • Power Output Percentage Display
  • Thermocouple J/K Type
  • Temperature scale °F/°C Switchable
  • Selectable Alarm Modes
  • Phase Angle Output Mode
  • Zero Cross output Mode
  • Fuse Failure Indicator
  • Heater Break Detection
  • Power Frequency Auto-Detection (50/60Hz)
  • Thermocouple Failure Detection
  • Thermocouple Reverse Detection
  • Current Monitoring Display
  • Alarm Output Option
  • RS485 Output Option